About Us

ECALPEMOS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a Digital Broadcasts engineering firm run by dynamic Nigerian professionals with relative experience in both the information technology and the broadcast fields.
We are a turn-key company with know-how in providing digital broadcast solutions for the radio and television industry. Our target is to assist our clients get value from money in their broadcast projects. We install, train and offer support on a wide ragne of broadcast equipment/systems and also work with various leading broadcast equipment brands.

We are leaders in:

  • Broadcast Systems integration
  • Broadcast Turnkey Projects
  • Broadcast Transmission Systems
  • Broadcast Studio Systems
  • Broadcast Automation Systems
  • Outside Broadcast Vehicles
  • Digital Logging Solutions
  • Post Sales Services
  • Technical Support
  • Project Engineering And System Design
  • VSAT solutions
  • Installations & Trainings
  • Networking: LAN & WAN

31 Gwari Avenue,
P.O. Box 361,
Kaduna, Nigeria